Leo: the Plug & Play Battery Life Extender

Let's save our batteries, for our wallet, and for our world

Healthy battery
As much as 50% longer battery lifespan
Zero waste
Reduce waste and save money
Plug and play
Fully automatic. Works with all chargers.

Award-winning technology that increases the battery lifespan of all your devices

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Shockingly, about 1/3 of smartphones are replaced because of the battery.

And this doesn't even include all other battery powered devices.

But.. large corporates don't even care. For them, it means more profit.

Stop planned e-waste!

One of the winners of the EU Green Challenge

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One of the biggest international competitions for smart solutions for a sustainable future

We are Reuben and Jardo, creators of Leo: the Plug & Play Battery Life Extender.

We feel very fortunate being able to develop Leo in the distinguished Demonstrator Lab at renowned VU University in Amsterdam.

We're also thankful for being awarded entrance to both the global Rockstart Accelerator Program and the Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship Incubator.

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Reuben mastered in sustainable energy technology and is passionate about engineering new, sustainable solutions. He successfully pioneered in solar powered air-to-water tech through his start-up Solaq, and offered sustainable solutions for engineering applications through Sustainable Eyes.

Fun fact: Reuben went to the same high school as Jardo, but they never met. Reuben already graduated while Jardo was in his first year. They met 15 years later, working on sustainable technology!

Jardo double mastered in Physics (cum laude) and SBI in Energy & Sustainability, during which he received the national award for being 'the Most Innovative Student of the Netherlands'. He founded Liion Power during his masters and happily accepted the invitation to tour and work in Silicon Valley on sustainable solutions.

Fun fact: Jardo also was the National College Boxing Champion and is training for his Black Belt in Kung Fu. Oh wait, that's not fun. That's just scary.

We can't wait to now launch the product we have dreamed of ever since doing our masters. Hopefully together with you!

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Did you know that charging to 100% is bad for your batteries?

A battery that is charged to 100% is under high chemical tension. This accelerates battery wear.

Did you know that overnight charging is bad for your batteries?

The battery not only charges to 100%, it also stays under high chemical tension for hours, making things even worse. Still, almost all of us charge overnight anyways, because it is convenient and there is no real alternative.

Did you know that fast-charging is bad for your batteries?

Faster charging means more battery wear, and it also elevates the battery temperature. High temperatures are the worst for your battery! Besides, why would you want to charge fast if you have 7 hours to charge your battery overnight?

Leo provides a healthy diet for all your batteries

Leo is able to measure the charging pattern of all your devices and then alters the charging to optimize for long-term battery health. And no worries: you can always override Leo to switch to fast-charging to 100% when needed!

So, how does it work? 
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Lab tests at the VU University in Amsterdam show as much as 50% increased lifespan!

Data from AccuBattery, one of the most widely used battery analytics applications available, also confirms our findings.

Our smart-charging device helps keep the Lithium-Ion battery of all your devices healthy.

Leo's algorithm automatically implements all the best-practices for battery lifespan optimization and charges with a focus on reducing battery degradation.

No more worrying about overnight charging

No more nights out with a dead battery

No more buying new devices because of planned obsolescence

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Let's save our batteries, for our wallet and for our world

Support us on our mission, and together we can make the battery industry more sustainable by charging in a smarter way

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